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Looking for a rewarding, grassroots experiences in Iganga, Uganda or East Africa?

Whether you would like to work with our project, any of the 250+ NGOs and community organizations in the District, perform your own research, or develop your own project, Iganga could be the right place for you.

We welcome new friends in our safe and dynamic community year-round.
Contact us to learn more and set up your visit to Uganda or volunteer from your home community. See our volunteer profile page to see what visitors to Iganga have done in the past. Great things can happen – a summer research visit back in 2003 is exactly how the DevelopNet Project started!

Volunteer with DevelopNet

Our work is never done, and we’re always looking for bright and energetic volunteers in search of real work to effect real change. We are currently expanding our café and service offerings, developing an agricultural trading platform, providing skills training throughout Iganga District, and more. The job is too big to do alone, so we’re looking for your interest and assistance.

To name just a few of the projects that are open to be spearheaded by volunteers right now:

  • IT support, computer/network maintenance at the Iganga café
  • Rural training and sensitization throughout all 26 subcounties of Iganga District
  • Research and development for our online agricultural trading platform
  • Development of partnerships in Kampala, elsewhere in Uganda and around the world
  • Expansion our website capabilities

Contact Us today to sign up for one of the above projects. Travel to Uganda is not required for some volunteer work (for example, website development).

Got your own ideas? Send them on over and we’ll see if we can put them into practice.

Although our positions are unpaid, we can many times offer assistance with housing and subsistence allowance.

Volunteer with a member of the NGO/CBO Forum

Put your interests and skills to work in Uganda with one of the 250 NGOs and CBOs operating in and around Iganga District. Many of the civil society organizations in the area are looking for assistance with projects both on the ground and remotely via the web.

We can place you in the right organization to match your skills and interests with the needs of our civil society network.

To start the process, contact us with your resume and interests. We’ll put you in touch with one of our members and partners, and set you up with all the support you need from the DevelopNet Center in Iganga Town.

Alternatively, see postings of current offers below.

Current postings for Iganga NGOs/CBOs

There are currently no postings here. Contact Us and we will put you in touch with one or more organizations matching your skill set.

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