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Want to get involved but can’t get off campus or out of your office? Don’t worry – there are plenty of opportunities for you too! 

Your greatest asset while you are on campus, in your office or around your neighborhood can be in simply spreading the word.  To name just a few of the possibilities:

  • Flyering and visits to campus internship and summer activity offices to promote volunteer opportunities, promote calls for IT assistance, website design, etc
  • Fundraising through activities like sales of Ugandan community coffee, campus newspaper articles, company donation matching schemes.  Heck – even the old bake sale approach will do the trick!
  • Research, proposal and grant writing (you don’t even have to leave your desk!) 
  • Invite a friend to the DevelopNet community


Contact Us to get involved of for more information. To tell friends about DevelopNet or to ask them to volunteer with you, fill out the form on the right: 


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Visit the DevelopNet Iganga Project website to learn about good people doing great things for their community in Iganga, Uganda: "

DNet is a nonprofit internet café and community center for over 250 community organizations in Iganga (where is Iganga? Click here for a larger map).

You and your friends can make a difference by volunteering in Uganda or from your home, making a financial or equipment contribution or simply spreading the word. 

Check out our website to GET INVOLVED today!

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