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Practical Computer Classes

  • Typing and basic computer navigation
  • MS Word  - Enhance word processing skills for effectiveness and efficiency
  • MS Excel  -  Learn spreadsheet techniques to streamline data and record keeping
  • Money management
    • Teach financial tracking and management tools
    • Improve record keeping, enabling better transparency, reporting, and evaluation

Advanced Computer Classes (planned for future)

  • Webpage creation, maintenance and monitoring
  • Introduction to multimedia tools to capture, edit, and share sound clips, videos, and photos

Internet Effectiveness

  • Training courses for more effective browsing and searching
  • Communication
    • Assistance in creating email address and contact book
    • Learn about other forms of communication via Internet
  • Distance Learning
  • Accessibility to advanced learning materials over the Internet

Educational Workshops

Sponsor a workshop with your donation!

Visit our contribution page for more details.

DevelopNet hopes to establish additional educational workshops. With these programs, DevelopNet can realize its potential place of thought leadership in community-based development in East Africa.

  • Agriculture workshops for public attendance
  • Overcome physical and financial barriers that prevent farmers, agricultural researchers and technicians from sharing info and techniques; facilitate the coordination of local, regional, and decentralized national development efforts to increase efficiency and effectiveness
  • Gender issue and women’s advocacy meetings for both men and women
  • Health, nutrition and safety precaution courses


Pen Pal exchange program:

There exists a strong desire among youth to seek out relationships from outside communities, to improve their English writing and communication skills, and to learn more about the outside world. The Pen Pal exchange program facilitates the fulfillment of this desire by connecting schools from the U.S with schools in Uganda.

If you would like to find a pen pal, please write to us via email.
See our Contact Us page.

Public Communication Board:

A bulletin board is up outside of the café’s storefront where customers can post information and leave communications for others.

Computer training courses:

Given availability, the public is invited to enroll in any of the above courses for a subsidized rate.

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