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Goals and Milestones


Goal: CSO Capacity Building ‘connectivity is productivity’
Indicator: Measured by amount of money raised, publications registered in the research library, partnerships formed, and increase in number of projects undertaken

DevelopNet expects to see a dramatic increase in financial inflows to the nonprofit sector here in Iganga District over as nonprofits in Iganga are better able to contact and communicate with the international community.

Under-funded and understaffed, Iganga District’s CSOs aim to strengthen their capacities to effectively and efficiently deliver social services. Forum members have uniformly announced that DevelopNet Iganga is a priority project that will help them realize their respective missions.

Improved communication infrastructures can directly lead to improved customer care by service providers. Iganga District will be better able to attract international funds after its CSOs are connected to the World Wide Web, educated on how to access resources, and trained on how best to present themselves and their works in ways favored by International Financial Institutions (IFIs). Consider that fewer than 12% of the civil society organizations in Iganga District use informational technologies to seek funds, information, relationships and basic communication with those outside the organization. This is further represented by the fact few organizations communicate through email.

Goal: Leadership Training and Education ‘train the trainers’
Indicator: Measured by enrollment in training courses.

DevelopNet Iganga targets training programs at youth and community leaders, and hopes to recruit a core of these leaders to participate in the ‘train the trainers’ program to further facilitate skills transfer.

Goal: Universal Accessibility
Indicator: Measured by the Centre’s ability to lower the market price for Internet access through competitive pricing and by the number of village regions from which our customers travel.

The Iganga Distrcit NGO/CBO Forum provided the first development-oriented public access Internet in Iganga when they opened the DevelopNet Café. It is all of our hopes that this paves the way for others to invest in technology building elsewhere in the District and in other parts of rural Uganda.

Since the founding of the DevelopNet Café, Iganga has witnessed an explosion in internet availability; more cafes have opened (some have closed), but prices for the internet-going public have lowered. Ahead of the curve, D’Net remains a leader through reliability, cost affordability, services and training programs.

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The district of Iganga, located in Eastern Uganda, is home to 1.2 million people and over 250 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and community based organizations (CBOs). With little access to the internet’s research and communications opportunities, Igangans very often found it difficult to locate the needed funding and technical assistance for their projects. Before the DevelopNet Project, the nearest public Internet access was 30 miles away in Jinja. As a result, most community members and nearly half of Iganga’s development workers did not use E-mail or the Internet.

DevelopNet Iganga opened a self-sustaining ICT and research facility where local community workers and the general public can come to access and learn how to use computers and the Internet to their benefit.

When the DevelopNet Iganga project was first founded it set forth the following goals, all of which have seen progress and achievement in varying capacities. A two year program assessment and evaluation is scheduled for summer 2007.



2005           2006 2007

Spring 2004

The DNet team holds first fundraiser and gathers support of over $10,000;   Partnership forged with Bice-Passavant Foundation (California, USA)

August 2004

DNet organizing team visits all 19 subcounties of Iganga District for sensitization and awareness raising

Sept 2004

DNET project and Iganga District NGO/CBO Forum organize General Assembly meeting with 450+ villagers, local civil service representatives and district officials to discuss ideas, concerns and the future of the DevelopNet project

Sept 2004

With the assistance of the DevelopNet project, the Iganga District NGO/CBO Forum begin drive to register all NGOs and community organizations operating in Iganga

January 2005

DNet receives grant from Uganda Communications Commission’s Rural Communications Development Fund (RCDF)

April 2005

DNet opens internet café and computer skills training centre on the main road in Iganga town. Uganda National NGO provides funding for ceremony and opening events

January 2006

partnership developed with School of International Training, Geneva Switzerland for financial support and for student volunteer programme

January 2007

Iganga District Administration (Republic of Uganda) formally donates plot of land to the DevelopNet project, marking the first step towards construction of a free-standing community centre, research library and healthy eating restaurant

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