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Contribute to help victims of the landslide in Uganda

If you've landed here you've likely heard of the recent landslides in Uganda. Over 200,000 farmers living around Mt. Elgon have been displaced. Their food stores have washed away, their seeds and crops have drowned and disappeared along with the eroded topsoil which would nurture next season's harvest. For a place and people working hard towards a better life, this landslide has been a huge setback for development in this region. 

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Help the Landslide Victims

We've heard from the mountain that immediate needs include tents, medical supplies, food and foot-ware. Given the cost of shipping goods to the mountain, and the difficulty in distributing them to those needed most, we invite you to show your support by: 

- making a donation, which will go to support the Ugandan Red Cross and their efforts in the area

- give to the Crop to Cup seedling fund, which after the dry season will be used to plant trees to replace those lost, and to hold in topsoil. 

- organizing a care package. If you have any items you'd like to donate then we can make sure they get there and distributed via one of our on-site volunteers. We are looking for tents, bicycles, foot-ware, 1st aid medical supplies, water treatment medical supplies, palliative care medical supplies, pre-natal vitamins. Given the weight of these items we encourage you to consider the above options first, and if giving a care package we ask that you also provide a donation to help offset the cost of shipping. For your reference 1 box (36" x 36" x 12") weighing 50 LBS costs about $100 to get to Mt. Elgon in Uganda. Contact us for more information. 
- write a letter to let them know that you care. These letters will be printed out, distributed, and made as available as is possible to those affected. 

We know many of these people personally, and we buy coffee from them. While we are not in the best position to provide the immediate support our friends need, the Ugandan Red Cross is active on the mountain and can put your donation dollars to good use. We'll be around for the long-haul effort to get these farmers back on their feet, and will be designating a seedling planting program to help replenish some of what they've lost. If you'd prefer to give to this cause, know that the money will not be dispensed until after the dry season in Uganda, but will go towards long-term development in the area. 

Uganda's disaster has been eclipsed by the catastrophes Haiti and Chili, but the need here is no less pressing, and the victims no less deserving. If you have it in you, please take a minute or a dollar to let them know that we support them too.  


All donations and equipment contributions are tax-deductible (US donors).

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