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Developnet Iganga – Iganga, Uganda: International Team

Taylor Mork

Taylor has worked with the DevelopNet project since its inception in July 2003. Working with the Iganga District NGO/CBO Forum and other project partners, he helped to develop the project plan and strategies, build the consortium and fundraise inside and outside of Uganda.  Taylor currently oversees the café’s infrastructure expansion and also holds the role of Fundraising Manager. 

Outside of his work with DNet, his professional background is in supply chain ethics and the coffee industry. Taylor is currently Director of US-East Coast Operations at Crop to Cup Coffee Company, which promotes coffee and community projects in the Mt. Elgon region of Uganda -

Taylor currently resides in New York and holds a B.A. in International Sustainable Development from the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University.

Jacob Elster

While at Washington University in St. Louis Jakob raised funds and built partnerships to prepare for his first trip to Uganda in May of 2004. With a double major in Anthropology and International Studies, Jakob took an interest in development issues and pursued a specialization in international development and capacity building. For DevelopNet, Jakob helps to advise the Steering Committee on governance, fundraising, training and sustainability programs.
From a background as Director of the Illinois Institute of Technology's Entreprneurship Center, Jakob is presently the US-Midwest Director for Crop to Cup Coffee Company, a coffee importer which brokers coffee in the support of community development initiatives in Uganda -

Michael Bazira

Michael is the General Secretary of Iganga District NGO/CBO Forum and Coordinator of the ICT/DNet Iganga Project since 2003. He is responsible for overseeing the operation of the ICT project and acts as a link between various stakeholders and the Iganga District Executive Committee. He currently serves as the Program Coordinator of MURUDA, a local NGO in Iganga.


David Kasanda

Kasanda David is the DNet Iganga café manager. David has 4 years experience in social work with MURUDA. With a diploma in Adult Education and Community development from Nsamizi Institute of Social Development. David comes from Iganga district, Busalamu village and enjoys watching football and making new friends.

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