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DevelopNet Iganga - Uganda

We are the volunteers for the DevelopNet community action initiative. Through our Internet Café and training programs, we hope to make information and communication technologies useful and accessible for those working to better themselves and their communities.

David Kasanda, DNet Café Manager Mike Bazira, DNet Project Manager

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more than what you can find here, please feel free to contact us.

In the meantime, we invite you to learn more about the Iganga District NGO/CBO Forum, the umbrella organization which works to benefit the 250+ community development organizations throughout the District. It was the Forum which solicited support from the Ugandan Communications Commission, and an international team of volunteers and sponsors to open the DevelopNet Café in Spring of 2005.

Browse the directory of member organizations to find out who is doing what with community development initiatives in Iganga.

Read about the past and current works of DevelopNet volunteers, in America, Europe and Uganda.

When a volunteer is preparing for a trip, he or she posts plans here; check out their profiles and project plans.


Follow the highway from Kampala east through Jinja to find the town of Iganga, the hub of civic and trading for Uganda’s eastern district of Iganga.

Upon arriving in the town look to your left, and you will see the DevelopNet InterNet Café, home to the Iganga District NGO/CBO Forum.

If you are coming from the north or the east, you can find the doors of the DevelopNet InterNet Café on your right, open to community leaders, self-learners and all others looking to access the world of information and opportunity available through ICTs.

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